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training report

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training report

Post by brahimi on Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:17 pm

1.what techer trainig is? 2. way do youy choose trainig report (introduction )3 student shoud mention all that they need have seen about teaching when they attend the TD sessions .observation period 2plannig 3 class management4 time management 5 presentation of the lesson respect of alesson(warmin,g up and the difrent steps of the lesson) 6respect of the program 7assessment and evaluation 8 error corectiion coclusion students should say what they have learnt from techer training


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Re: training report

Post by OULGOUT Abdelouahed on Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:03 pm

Dear Soufiane,

Thank you so much for registeration.
Well, here are some views that might help you develop your paper:

What is Teacher Training?

Teacher Training is a very special issue to tackle in Modern ELT. It refers to the process of learning how to put a set of ELT theories and approaches into practice. That is to say, the series of actions, skills, and strategies a teacher or a teacher trainee has to adopt and adapt to so as to successfuly aquire the ABCs of effective teaching inside the classroom.

Why choosing such an issue?

Teacher Training is a modern field of study in ELT. It is so developing and alive as the nature of ELT is. That's why choosing such a topic is so special and natural, especially as it is related to the actual field of ELT as it is in action. Probing into such issues will surely develop our applied knowledge
of ELT and make our researches so meaningful, so fruitful.

What to tackle in your Teacher Training research?

At first when you attend a classroom as an observer, you will have to jot down all that you have observed. That might include the following basic points:
1. The Observation Stage:
When you first attented a class, you probably noticed a number of elements related to the teaching atmosphere. These will include:
A teacher in action; a group of students; settings; classroom (walls and displays, blackboard...etc); teaching materials (textbook, handouts, bookcase...etc)
2. Planning:
Then you notice that the process through which the teacher goes through is not arbitrary, but there is a plan with definite stages, clear objectives, timing, and other procedural steps. The plan depends on the lesson being taught as well as the method being adopted. That is to say, a teacher my resort to a PPP procedure (presentation, practice, and production) in which he strats a lesson presenting the target items to be taught, then after checking students understanding, the teacher moves on to the practice step engaging his students in some practical exercises, tasks and activities, then comes the production stage where students have to produce something of their own production using what they have learned. A teacher may also resort to an OHE method in which he provides students with somes examples (e.g. a dialogue) highlighting the target items with different colours, then he lets students observe them and try to come up with the rule. Later on the teacher provides students with some tasks to experiment the rule they came up with. This later method is purely inductive as oposed to PPP which seems a little bit deductive.
3.Classroom management:
It has to do with a set of practices, choices, and decisions a teacher resort to to effectively control his classroom and meets his lesson objectives. The elements to be controlled in the classroom are so many. These in cluse the following:
- Time management:
To what extent a teacher has respected the lesson duration as well as the amount of time devoted to each phase of the lesson? Does a teacher set time for tasks and activities? Does he use a stop watch?
- Space management:
What kind of settings is the teacher using in class? Are they comfortable? Do they easy to control? Do they allow cool group work for students?
What shape are they like? Are they in U model? O model?....
-Behavior managemet:
How does the teacher deals with disruption and off-task behavior? Does he resort to punishment? If yes, what sorts of punishment does he adopt?Does he ask the administration for help?...
-Teacher-Students Rapport:
How does the teacher treats his students? Is he so friendly? Cruel? How does his students deal with him? Are tghey close to him? Does the teacher motivate his students to learn?
-The managment of the phisical space:
How does the class look inside? Is it so clean? Is there enough lighting? Is there a bookcase? Is there a computer center? How is the blackboard? What kind of BB is he using? Blackboard? Whiteboard? Interactive board? Are there some wall displays? Class rules on the walls? Some visual aids on the walls?...
- Teaching materials:
How does the teacher deals with the blackborad? Is it well-organised? Is his handwriting readable? Does he stick to the textboard? Does he skip some activities in the textbook? Does he make any modifications and adaptations? Does he provide extra-documents and handouts for students?
Does he assign any homework?
-Evaluation and assessment:
How does the teacher assess students learning skill by skill? do his assessements fit the official standards (e.g. Content validity; reliability...etc). Does he repespect the official guidelines?
-Error correction:
How does the teacher corrects his students mistakes? Does he resort to self-correction?Peer-correction? or Teacher-correction? Does he tolerate his students mistakes when students are engaged in fluency-oriented activities? What techniques does he use to correct accuracy-based mistakes? Does the teacher analyse his students mistakes? How does he do that?

I hope these very few hints will be of utility for you.

Best luck,


OULGOUT Abdelouahed
OULGOUT Abdelouahed

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