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The US-Zionist Threat & the Palestinian Question

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The US-Zionist Threat & the Palestinian Question

Post by OULGOUT Abdelouahed on Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:15 am

Many people around the world have been shot or slain by the Mossad only because they had a question to ask or a fact to report. Any act of inquiry or investigation over the long-term animosity and brutality of the Zionists against the Palestinians and many people all around the world is portrayed and widely broadcast as Anti-Semitic tendencies and sentiments toward the Jews and the ‘Jewish State’. Israel has always ready-made myths and false pretexts to claim her ‘right for self-defence’ and to construct more illegal settlements on the Palestinian territories; therefore, it is the duty of any writer and intellectual, regardless of race or cultural belonging, to debunk the US-Zionist crimes against humanity and to uncover ‘the founding myths of the Israeli politics’.

It’s high time to tell America, specifically the American foreign policy shapers, that the game is over, and the United States must abide by human rights and stop backing Israel for her unjust wars on the Palestinian people and her illegal murder and premeditated killing of many innocents in different corners of the globe.

It is so hard to count the Palestinian martyrs since the infection of the Palestinian land by the Zionist cancer. Many innocents have been killed at random, by Israeli militia, zionist gangs and civilians, with no credible pretexts or just trial, scoring victims of all ages. We all have been familiar with such crimes since the 1948 Nakbah. Yet what is so provoking and vexatious about the dozens of massacres Israel has scored, and is still scoring, is that she has never cared or born responsibility for her criminal deeds. Instead, Israel puts the Palestinian and pro-Palestine victims on trial, not for justice, but for further terrorization and criminalization of victims, whose first and last sin is their struggling for their human, natural right: A homeland to live, in freedom and dignity.

As Mahmoud Abbas goes to seek non-member observer status at the United Nations, the US-Israeli ally got outraged, revealing their unwillingness to the Palestinian right of statehood. Given the Hamas support of such a bid at the UN and the development of the reconciliation process between it and Fatah, Israel warned Abbas of going ahead, threatening to take retaliatory measures against the PA (Palestinian Authority). Thus, Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz has threatened economic sanctions, including withholding tax fees to put pressure on Abbas to change his mind and have a seat at the negations table to the ‘Last Chance’ for peace.

Likewise, during a meeting with Abbas in Ramallah in the last few days, U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, warned Abbas if he goes ahead, threatening that it would lead to the cancellation of American financial aid to the PA, and maybe the end of the PLO’s representation in Washington (Palestinian Organization). The intensive pressure on the PA to stop seeking an elevated UN status sounds clear after US Deputy Secretary of State, William Burns, and Middle East envoy, David Hale, met with Abbas at his hotel on Wednesday, but their attempts to convince him failed to get the Palestinian leader to withdraw his resolution or make amendments. “We went up to make one more try to make our views known to President Abbas and to urge him to reconsider,” US State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. Yet Abbas insisted to go forward, feeling very confident about the request. “We are confident that the vast majority of the countries of the world support our endeavor, aimed at salvaging the chances for a just peace,” Abbas said.

Abbas has just made it as I am writing this essay, and France, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, and many others, have voted in his favor. Yet we, as thinkers, wonder why Israel and the United States seem worried about the PA’s seeking of such a status. In other words, what does an Observer State status guarantee for the PA? And how such a status might influence the US-Israel ally?

One considerable reason is that the majority of 138 votes for Palestine, in comparison to only 9 votes against, is a diplomatic victory to Palestine, for she is now politically recognized as a state and has the right and the possibility to access many UN agencies and treaties and to apply to join bodies such as the International Criminal Court (ICC). Such a prospect must worry Israel and America alike, for it would pave the ground to putting Israel and America on trail at the international level, and this would be a disgrace as well as a deep stab in the heart of the US-Israeli politics and reputation. Israel has been, for so long, committing great, dehumanizing crimes against the people of Palestine, violating international law and UN security Counsel resolutions; and America has always been her chief funder and umbrella. Israel has never broken out a war against Palestine without the unconditional, military funding of the United States. And at the political level, America has always led the manufacturing of a deceptive, diplomatic discourse via mass media propaganda, casting the shadows over the Israeli, barbaric crimes and defending her mythical right of security and self-defence.

In her essay, Three Myths of Israel’s Insecurity, Ira Chernus digs into the history of the pathological fear of the Zionists, listing three separate myths of insecurity as follow:

- Myth Number 1: Israel’s existence is threatened by the ever-present possibility of military attack.

- Myth Number 2: The personal safety of every Jewish Israeli is threatened daily by the possibility of violent attack.

- Myth Number 3: Israel’s existence is threatened by worldwide efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state.

All the listed myths, as you can observe, put stress on the notion of ‘threat’, debunking how the anti-Semitic discourse is so crucial and beneficial to the Zionist, long-term war against Palestine. It is highly important for the Israeli policy makers that their people believe that the threat to Israel and the Israelis is real, and they should therefore fight back by whatever means, as its patron America does. Likewise, the American politicians who shape the public conversation on Israel contribute, intentionally, to the Israelization of security beside the criminalization of the Palestinian people. It’s so rare to hear an official, American political speech void of association between the word ‘Israel’ and the word ‘security’, or between ‘Israel’ and the U.S. commitment to back the Israeli government in their fight against ‘the terrorists’. Such false collocations are politically and widely embedded in mass media, through official speeches, TV talk shows, journals, radio broadcasts, drama, films, and all forms of artistic production, both offline and online.

In spite of all the massacres the US-Israeli ally has committed against the people of Palestine throughout a half century and more, the 2011 Gallup poll shows about 63 per cent of Americans sympathizing with Israel, with only 17 per cent sympathizing with the Palestinians. I let the reader have a look at the findings from the Gallup website (gallup.com), in an article entitled Americans Maintain Broad Support for Israel, by Lydia Saad.

The results of the poll are credible only if we consider the role of the US ideological policy and mass media propaganda in shaping the public opinion and creating a massive state of brainwash in American society. Compare this poll, for instance, to the European Commission’s (EC) which was conducted between 8 and 16 of October, 2003, by Taylor Nelson Sofres/ EOS Gallup of Europe. The EC’s poll consisted of 15 questions regarding “the reconstruction of Iraq, the conflict in the Middle East and World peace.” As reported by EUobserver.com, the poll reveals that a massive 59 percent of Europeans said they believed that Israel is the biggest obstacle and threat to world peace. While the Gallup poll is welcomed by Israel and the United States, the EC’s is dismissed as propaganda. Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean and founder of The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), could not help but voice his outrage, directly to the European Commission, President Romano Prodi. Rabbi says:

“These shocking results, that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace, bigger than North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan, defies logic and is a racist flight of fancy that only shows that anti-Semitism is deeply embedded within European society, more now than in any other period since the end of World War II.”

As we mentioned at the start of this essay, “Any act of inquiry or investigation over the long-term animosity and brutality of the Zionists against the Palestinians and many people all around the world is portrayed and widely broadcast as anti-Semitic tendencies and sentiments toward the Jews and the “Jewish State.” The Anti-Semitic discourse is Israel’s soft weapon, and the bludgeon by which she mobilizes her dogs to run and bite Palestine or any individual around the world. Rabbi’s description of the poll as ‘a racist flight of fancy’ is ironical and misleading, for it is Israel that adopts the most racist and discriminatory policy around the world, dragging backward to the old-fashioned, imperial perspectives of which imagination (fiction) and myth are the backbone. In Culture and Imperialism, Edward Said, the distinguished Palestinian intellectual and critic, goes deeper into this issue, deconstructing the imperial discourse of the empire, and showing how facts are misrepresented and covered with clichés and myths to pave the ground for the colonizer to wipe out the colonized and take over their material and cultural properties.

The same scenario is taking place over Palestine. The Zionist myth is that this is ‘a land without people for a people without a land,’ a statement based on biblical fiction and a god-given right to occupy Palestine and pave the ground for the long-awaited Messiah to come. Yet to meet this promise, Israel must embark on Armajidoun, a holy war to cleanse ‘the holy land’ from any non-Jewish race, including Arabs and Muslims. Therefore, Israel does not have to justify her criminal actions, because the people of Israel are the ‘chosen people’, and they are above any justification. In his essay Why America and Israel Are the Greatest Threats to Peace, the famous American linguist and political critic, Noam Chomsky puts it clear:

“Like its patron [He refers to America], Israel resorts to violence at will. It persists in illegal settlement in occupied territory, some annexed, all in brazen defiance of international law and the U.N. Security Council. It has repeatedly carried out brutal attacks against Lebanon and the imprisoned people of Gaza, killing tens of thousands without credible pretext.”

Beside the military violence against Palestine, Israel persists in another war, purely cultural, yet more dangerous than any other: the Judaization of Palestine. Many Palestinian cities and villages have been cleansed since the beginning of the occupation; many names of the occupied cities and locations have been changed or modified; thousands of people have been deprived of their lands and properties and migrated out of their homes; dozens of fieldworks have been carried out on Alquds, to say not Jerusalem, in desperate attempts to prove the existence of the so-called ‘Ancient Israel’ and ‘Temple of Solomon’…

A day-and-night farce is going on to bury the truth alive and change the reality, yet no matter how barbaric and demonic the US-Zionist threat is to the Palestinian cause, Palestine will be free, as history teaches us that the nationals win and the colonizers go bankrupt.

OULGOUT Abdelouahed
OULGOUT Abdelouahed

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