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Who Am I ?

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Who Am I ?

Post by Mohamed LAHRI on Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:46 am

Well, today I am going to address a message to you, not only as students, teachers...etc, but, mainly, as HUMANS. I am ging to talk about something we ignore or maybe we don't want to know about. You may feel bored if I started talking, but be patient, it will take you just some minutes, and do whatever you like, then.

Suppose yourself you're taking a test at school, university or even tests for getting a job. A test may remind you of questions; if I am not wrong, you are going to do your BEST to answer the question (s) you've been asked,Am I wrong? But, have you ever tried answering these questions: Who Am I? What's my function in this life? And what have I done since I was born in such world?

The idea of existance is old as Man. Yet, people's opinions still differ. I did a research and I summed up that there are two main opposed views. One group believes that there are three main principles which determines a man's functions in this life:

-Having sex.

Defending this idea, years passed, Jean Paul Sarter said that the body creates the man. He made this clear when he said: "I think, so I." . The "I" here stands for the body. That is, as some if not many believes in, a man is the body and nothing more. But, if this is true, what differentiates us from animals,then?

The second group, according to my research, denies the previous notion. That is, a man, for them, is more than a body. In this respect, Decart highlights the importance of mind, for he said in his famous saying: "I think, so I am"-"Je pense donc je suis."

Here, I would like to come back to the idea of life; life means a process, the later means that there is/are change(s). When we mention change we've to mention creativity. But, what have we created for our families, our nation(s), and even for ourselves?!... What have we done in this life?!

The absence of creativity means killing our minds. So, what would be the imporatance of me without a mind? And, then, Who Am I?

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Mohamed LAHRI

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Re: Who Am I ?

Post by Hanan on Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:29 am

In fact, you've reminded us of something very important; something as you said in your speech we don't want to know about it, even it's the core of me and you and all humans.


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Re: Who Am I ?

Post by stoflouad on Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:49 am

I agree that ALLAH the almighty gives us the mind by which we can think and distinguish between what is true and what is false to distinguish between good and bad and to use it to better dealing with the other existences. But the mind alone is not enough because depending on our mind alone most of the time leads us to some conclusions that can destroy our life. That’s why ALLAH the almighty sent us his prophets and messengers to show us the right path thus, the mind cannot arrive to the truth without revelation and the later cannot be understood without the mind


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Re: Who Am I ?

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