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Woman and Man : Different but Equal.

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Woman and Man : Different but Equal.

Post by Hanan on Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:35 am

Discussing this topic leads to ask many questions. For instance, what are the differences that may exist between man and woman? Why these differences do exist? And to which extent woman and man are equal?

Biologically speaking, woman and man are different. Thus, the nature of man makes him being aggressive-strong, but not in the sense of being brutish. In contrast, the nature of woman necessitates on her to represent the inner dignity and be sensitive, but not in the sense of being weak. Besides the physiological differences, woman and man may differ from each other depending on the way they speak, think and behave. Yet, these distinctions and differences are only because of the necessity of life.

Generally speaking, woman was suffering a lot from male domination for many years. Hence, she was inferior and even meant nothing-as she didn't exist. In addition, man considered her role only in satisfying his ego-needs, caring of children and home. Thus, woman was, during the recent years, trying to make an end to male dominance and calling for her rights in the sense of having a life as a human and not of a servant as before. As a result, woman, nowadays, succeeds, somehow, in spreading her voice in the entire world making it a start of recognizing the harmony of both sexes.

In short, and personally speaking, woman and man have been created to live together and be both different and equal to give a sense to the human life. So, they should respect each other.


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Re: Woman and Man : Different but Equal.

Post by Mohamed LAHRI on Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:39 am

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your nice contribution.Then, I'd like to confess that you are really right, either Woman or Man we are all Humans. Go on.

Mohamed LAHRI

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Re: Woman and Man : Different but Equal.

Post by OULGOUT Abdelouahed on Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:00 am

Dear sister,
In fact I've just read your contribution to 4Truth for I was a little bit busy with student's marks and evaluation.
The question of equality between women and men has been dealt with by many movements justly and injustly. Most of them raise the slogan of equality to deprive women of their specific differences, which the enemies of this nation tend to earase. The result of this ios manesfested in the delequency of most women who, consequently, tend to show off by drinking wine, somking, getting naked, and continue to behave strangely adopting whatever fashion without any reasonable principle. This mouvement tend, thend therefore to behave against human nature and the common good of the nation, just to say they are here.
The opposite and just view, however, is the one that considers the specifities of women's nature physically, emotionally, and mentally. This view is quite moderate for it bears in mind that women and men are both similar and diffrent; they are similar in the sense of humanity and the human soul tha Allah bestowed in all human beings, and they are different, as scientists proved, according to their physiology, psychology, and social roles.
Thank you alot
OULGOUT Abdelouahed
OULGOUT Abdelouahed

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Re: Woman and Man : Different but Equal.

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